CargoGlide CG1500XL Ram Chevrolet Ford High Profile Bed Slide 6.4 and Over Bed Length CG1500XL-7548

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CargoGlide CG1500XL Ram Chevrolet Ford High Profile Bed Slide 6.4 and Over Bed Length

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Suits all Model Pick Up and Van Applications Including RamBox. High Profile Bed Slide (CG1500XL-7548) by CargoGlide. Outside dimensions: 75" long and 49.25" wide. Inside dimensions: 74" long and 48" wide. We can also supply the CargoGlide in sizing to suit your needs. Capacity: 1500 lbs. Total deck height: 6.25". Make loading, unloading and access to their cargo easy, safe and fast with this premium CargoGlide. This premium sliding tray designed for heavy duty commercial use extending 100% of the CargoGlide slides out of your vehicle for full access to your gear. It features a sturdy steel frame and a real plywood deck which is laminated to ensure superior strength and durability. 


There's no better way to get your gear from the back of your vehicle, than CargoGlide sliding tray that extends from 70% up to 100% of its length to enable you load, unload and reach all you need easier, safer and faster. If you're looking to maximize the cargo load capacity of your truck, van, work truck, utility vehicle, or SUV, maximize your cargo extenders with a variety of accessories designed and manufactured by CargoGlide to stringent standards of quality and craftsmanship to let you take a bunch more tools, materials, equipment and products while providing easy access and keeping them safe and secure during transport.


From high sides, cargo legs and outside inside tie downs to bike racks, ladders and dividers, CargoGlide has you covered. This superior product is a perfect complement to your slide out tray. Designed with quality, convenience and practicality in mind, this reliable product is right what you need to customize your vehicle and get everything you need the way you want. The finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques have made this accessory more durable, longer-lasting and easier to use, so you can enjoy years of reliable trouble-free operation.


CargoGlide is an established brand of truck, van and SUV slide out trays and accessories with state-of-the-art facilities located in St. George, UT. The brand supremely blends high-grade materials and innovate technologies with practicality and ease of use. Its flagship product, the CargoGlide, is designed and engineered to the finest standards of craftsmanship, and is the most efficient solution for loading and unloading cargo. The CargoGlide is the epitome of convenience when it comes to accessing your cargo. It allows vehicle owners to reach a bunch of tools, materials and gear from the back for pickup truck, van, SUV and light commercial use. CargoGlide models can extend from 75 % up to 100 % and handle from 1000 lbs to 2200 lbs of weight. You can also complement the CargoGlide with handy accessories that will maximize your cargo load capacity. 

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