Ram 1500 DS 2009-current Vararam AirGrabber Smooth Black VR-HEMI4G13-CURRENTSMOOTHBL

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Ram 1500 DS 2009-current Vararam AirGrabber Smooth Black

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Gains of 30HP and 30+FTlbs of Torque with NO tuning.

Real world performance gains Try getting these types of gains with just a cold air intake, not a chance!

Can be installed in about 10-20 min.

Creates a look that screams pure MOPAR muscle.

 Lid options include- black textured, block smooth or Hemi Orange

The system uses the OEM hood, R/T and or aftermarket hoods are not required. The system draws air from the high pressure zone between the upper core support and the underside of the hood.

No falling rain water issues like the other low inlet systems. The 4G features a high mount location and water drains to ensure that water, even water over 2 feet deep and mud will not be a problem

A True full size Hemi air-filter, Custom made to Vararam specs by Green high performance filters. Pre oiled and ready to go out of the box. Washable and reusable Limited lifetime warrantee.

A True forced induction system that is intercooled on the top and underbelly of the system. Protected underneath by a heat blanket. The blanket is fed cool air from the ram air system. This sandwiches cool air between the underbelly of the airbox and the blanket.
Guaranteed Performance, Guaranteed Satisfaction that is Vararam.

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